In my penultimate day in Turkey I ran out of money. I wasn’t so panicked, I said, ‘ that’s it ‘ and ‘ training ‘. I left Turkey with a packet of crackers and 2 tickets. Those at the hostel in Goreme where I stayed were very nice arranged my transfer for 15TL instead of 25 ? thank ? So … on Thursday at 8 am wake up, take a shower, do the check out, I meet with friends, we walk through the village all day. At 5 I left to the airport in Kayseri. At that moment I was out of internet ? Arrived in Tbilisi at 3 am, after a stopover in Istanbul. The flight from Istanbul toward Tbilisi was horrible, and not because of Pegasus but I caught most douchebags passengers. Pretty bad.. At 3 am in Tbilisi didn’t had what to do, with my host from CS planned to see just in the evening, so I sat through the airport. Morning, I left to the city…step by step. I was walking randomly, trying to find my host because I wanted at least to leave by backpack (~15Kg) but he wasn’t answering on phone…at noon I started to feel sick, but not because I was tired and/ or hungry but because I was stinky (my last shower I had was on the previous morning). And I was so desperate that I entered in a hostel and I asked the manager (a guy from Kenya) to let me to take a shower ? and he did it! Meanwhile David replied to my texts. Perfect! And here begins the Adventure (a short one) of Georgia. Without money, without problems, 800km hitchhiking.


The first day, I dedicated to the capital. It’s a very big difference between neighborhoods, where I was staying I saw the first elevator which has to be paid.

In the next day, we woke up in the morning to make hitchhike towards the Kazbegi Mountains. In fact, I woke up at 12 and barely at 2 pm we left :)) But the initial plan was to wake up at 6am. Said and done, me, David and his girlfriend were sitting by the roadside. In a few hours would be a few thousand meters above sea level and some (many) degrees less. That kid go monthly to Kazbegi, he know all trails. And why should we go on used trails? He knew a shortcut ? obviously, steeper. After a couple hours we arrive finally at the top, with breaks meh… But it was worth it! In the evening we was supposed to get back to Tbilisi, and because I don’t count the time, and because it was April 30 (i.e. Easter of the Orthodox Church), and because it was an uncommon road….we were waiting for one hour until someone picked us. And not just anyone! I have no idea who was, but has a big car, and the music …. well, with all my survival Russian seemed questionable to hear the first song „Ya lyublyu tebya Iisus”, the second track „Slava tebe, Gospodi” well, so it was all the way ? But we didn’t mind, we were supposed to get in the middle of the night in Tbilisi. At least we was somewhere, not in the middle of nowhere?

In the next day and I said I will wake up in the morning to go in Batumi, where I have which was waiting me. Guess what! I didn’t woke up early … I left Tbilisi at 3, from the same place. About 50 m before that place, because another guy was hitchhiking and because we didn’t understood each other I said I’ll wait alone.. Someone picked me in a kind of funny car, I didn’t took photos because I was a bit panicked. He took that guy too…I said damn, but where the fuck are you doing?! He said Lanchkhuti, like I was able to make the difference if that’s a name or something else. After I studied the map from, I get it. I told him and he understood, as we go together. So, why was that car funny…the driver said he will drive us to Igoeti, okay. But in the middle the highway the wheel exploded! Was for the 1st time when i felt that, wasn’t so bad. They swapped spare tire without too much trouble. After a few km we said goodbye and we were waiting for the next ride. In the middle of the highway. But hey, in Georgia isn’t the problem! Cars stop anywhere … bad habit I caught in Georgia, I was to about die in Europe a few days later in the middle of the highway expecting for cars to stop :)) yo, a priest offer us a ride, an insane one. Has a big SUV, cool and kinda drove him how he wanted it, in the spirit of the georgian drivers: 140km/h in a tunnel with about 2-3 overtakings, still in the tunnel. I was counting all Saints from his car…He took us close to Kutaisi, and left us in the middle of the highway, as usual. But it’s not the problem!


After that someone picked us, the most funny car … Mother, father and child, a girl of about 7 years old. The exactly age when kids wants to talk a lot. She tried to talk with me but what i was supposed to understand? They left us somewhere before Lanchkhuti, was the end of the highway. Okay then. A taxi gave us a ride (for free), I did not understand what and how, because at the entrance in the city the guy from Tbilisi stopped and made me a sign to stay. That’s how I was using a taxi for free in Georgia. He left me in the city center. Good choice! As I needed a bathroom, but there was none. And I saw some nurses that were waiting for something, so there should be a hospital. Well…. I went to the bathroom there. Here I was, alone on my own. If until now I was lucky with this Georgian guy, now had to go alone.


I took the paper with Batumi and a thumb up! But the night was approaching and I was panicked I’ll miss the sunset. Problem nr. One for me. I spend about half an hour until someone picked me towards Batumi. And they knew a little little survival English. And with my Russian we got to talk about Romania, Transylvania, Hagi, Steaua FC and Dracula. And in Batumi they didn’t left me at the entrace of the city, they asked me where I have to be…Me..Hilton! (My friend and his fiends were waiting me on the rooftop terrace).


They left me nearly. So, I caught the sunset! What a stupid smile I had on the twentieth floor of Hilton, taking pictures and I’m enjoying the sunset. The city of Batumi is very different compared to Tbilisi.

It’s much more modern, autonomous region (Adjara) is full of tourists and from what I heard. .. Batumi is more profitable during the summer than Tbilisi.

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Late in the evening we had to go in Poti. Here, food, wine and sleep. Ah, and a walk for about 2 hours at night on the beach. It was so quiet that only the sea could be heard (because it was after 1 am, so everybody was sleeping).


The next day I was supposed to go in Kutaisi, where after another day at 5 in the morning I was flying to Budapest. And because I’m paranoid, I had to be in the evening in airport…good choice ? Up to a village (Abasha) I was with my host and his friends. We did an Exchange in Abasha as they were going toward Tbilisi and had to get someone, and I was only a few kilometers away from Kutaisi. So I stayed in the village.


So i was waiting in the front a gate until… I got invited for lunch! Aaaand I was spending the entire day at that family and it was really one of the best days of my life. I ate khachapuri, and other things which I have no idea how to call them, drank wine and they gave me even to take away (food and wine) ? They had a huge yard with grass, it was quiet and I slept about 2 hours under the Sun on the grass. In the evening we had to say goodbye, we exchanged Facebook profiles and…the panic installed (they were more panicked than me) Because during the evening not so many cars were passing the village, what if I don’t get to the airport, what and how we do.. One of the girls speaks English pretty well; They were waiting with me while I was trying to hitchhike ? and stopped a marshrutka for me (maxi taxi). That day was my favorite day from Georgia, and one of the most relaxing days of my life, seriously. Though not seen anything special, I met special people.


When I arrived at the Airport, (about 9 in the evening) I had a huge surprise … Kutaisi has the most cool airport! (but it doesn’t have Wifi). Looks like is made for backpackers. Instead of chairs, they put mattresses on the edges of the Terminal. Large, comfy…and because I was alone in the airport, I was sleeping peacefully. When I woke up in the morning all mattresses were full of people :)) And so it ended … I arrived in Budapest in rain, without Internet, food, money and the employees of BUD are so dumb when is about to help (I needed Internet). Conclusions: Georgia deserves visited and lived! Especially for its people. People are different, I met kind people everywhere (lol, except in Central Station in Tbilisi) And of course, I’ll get back there soon.




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