The idea dates back to 2013 so I’ll take it year by year.

In 2013 I wanted to apply for EVS in Lebanon, Algeria or Morocco. I haven’t been lucky, actually I was, but with the wrong luck. I caught a project in Algeria…Wow! Actually after one week the project was cancelled because of the hostage crisis.
During the summer I moved to Club for the bachelor degree. In that year I travelled to Japan and Moldova (republic of) and it was fun, even if they are outdated with the calendar.

This year was the most depressive year here (in Cluj). I started to hate it because I had a lot to study something what I can’t say that I liked. And it was expensive as hell. During the summer I got a job in pharmacy, so the money starts to flow. But at the end of the year I decided to give up because I didn’t had time for school. Bad idea.

Jobless again with the same shitty sensation of moneyless and captured here.
In April 2015 I got a new job, in a bar! Was (actually is it) one of my best experience of my life.
During the summer I worked a lot, I can say I was workaholic :))
In autumn I invested a lot of money (more than four numbers, in Euros) in a high end computer to use it in research and some gaming. But…I don’t have time! I leave it open to work or access remotely with Team Viewer because most of the time I’m not at home…

I December I went in Sibiu to visit some relatives and to celebrate the new year with a cousin.
So…here it begins. We were eating and after that I started to call other relatives who live abroad. So, I called my cousin from Germany which I haven’t seen since 10 years ago…and she was begging me to visit her all this time. But, as usual every time I said “I don’t have time” …

2nd of Jan I had to came back to Cluj, because I had to work. But I decided to meet with two friends in Sighisoara. Siting in train, I was looking just for curiosity for a flight from Budapest to Frankfurt… so I get it! 😀 I went in Frankfurt to visit my crazy cousin 😀
Still in train, caught by the traveling fever, I decided to visit Georgia. Kazbegi, silence…I really need it. I really need to get out somewhere “unknown”.
But because I can’t do something directly, I was thinking to visit Cappadocia too, during my vacation in Georgia…even if is ±1300km far away.
And looking for tickets and UNESCO sites, I started to want in Doğubeyazıt, in Armenia, in Azerbaijan…I want anywhere! But I can’t, because I have a job.
Surfing the interned I found a quote which was changing anything. Is making me to give up anything here and to leave to the unknown.

If you’re twenty-two, physically fit, hungry to learn and be better, I urge you to travel – as far and as widely as possible. Sleep on floors if you have to. Find out how other people live and eat and cook. Learn from them – wherever you go. – Anthony Bourdain

OMG! I’m 22 yo, yet. So I have to leave as soon as possible!
After that I started to have insomnia. I don’t want any duties, monotony…that’s depressing me! And I found the reason!

So… In September 2016 I want to leave in what I call “WorldWide Trip”. I’m working on it since February, and is not easy to found the visa policy for all countries, possibilities, safety advices, and the weather too!


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