Cand vine vorba de citit pe drum, trebuie musai sa pui mana pe cartea asta


Voi sustrage un pasaj interesant, desi si acesta face parte dintr-o alta carte de Hrvoje Šalković:

„In the deep space there is a tiny bluish planet called Earth. People, mammals that like to call themselves rational beings, live there. The planet Earth revolves stringently and strenuously around its axis. People revolve stringently and strenuously around their habits. They are born, they grow up, they grow old and they die never giving up on that routine. During that journey some important stuff happens to them: they love, make mistakes, chatter, get involved, lie, fornicate, write, repent, have guilty consciences, forget, are afraid. However, most of the people are just born; they grow up, grow old and die. Most of them take these events for granted, as as something that should necessarily happen in that sequence and they do not even think about it. Most people live their lives just to get it over with without taking a moment to think about life.

In the deep space there is a planet Earth and people live on it. Some of them have dreams. These people spend their lives searching endlessly for their personal piece of tranquility. There is only a handful of these people and not rarely are the despised and lonely. They call them dreamers. They say to them that it’s high time they grew up and stopped acting as if they were still children. So, most of the dreamers end up with their dreams crushed and they give up their search for tranquility. Only the most strenuous among them never give up because deep down they know that no government, no law, no authority, should stand between them and their dreams.”

Cartea am primit-o in Februarie, deci dupa ce plecasem deja 🙂

Insa sunt multe lucruri interesante si culmea, in partea bold-uita ma regasesc. Nu de putine ori mi-a fost spus (de catre colegi job/ facultate) sa ma maturizez, ca uneori mi-s ca un copchil batut in cap. Da, sunt. Ok, si?!

Asta pentru ca niciodata nu m-am simtit locului. Mereu m-am mutat. Mereu am visat. Mereu am vrut sa invat lucruri noi si neobisnuite.

Dar, cine standardizeaza acest „obisnuit”? Si de ce eu, persoana individuala, trebuie sa ma aliniez la „obisnuitul” altora pentru ca asa vrea societatea? Nu cred ca o sa reusesc vreo data sa ma aliniez societatii, pentru ca libertatea societatii se termina atunci cand imi impune mie sa fiu intr-un fel. Si eu am spus din scoala NU uniformei, am spus NU mersului pe la evenimente care nu ma interesau, nu ma intereseaza de capra vecinului si nu ma doare nici unde de parerea lor.


Si ca sa revin la un post de anul trecut, de ce am plecat: Pentru ca m-am saturat de cutumele societatii, de prejudecati aiurea, de obligatii care nu te fac fericit nicicum si evident, nu m-am maturizat inca sa am un job 9-17 asa ca am dat bir cu fugitii. Si mi-s fericit. 🙂




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